All Schools, All A's, Three Years in a Row

The outcome of this effort resulted in unprecedented improved learning results for middle school students. For three consecutive years every SCPS middle school earned a grade of “A.”...It’s this kind of impact that Mark can bring to any district. 

The breadth of his experience and understanding of education from the macro-level of policy making to the micro-level of how learning occurs in the human brain is beyond anything I encountered during my professional career.  His ability to relate to and effectively communicate with every constituent group is also the best I have ever seen. (read more)

Dr. Ron Pinnell, Retired
Executive Director of Middle School Education 
Seminole County Public Schools
Chair Department of Education, Stetson University

School Transformation and Beyond

...I was the principal of a struggling Title One school.  Learning from Mark enabled me to become a more effective instructional leader and the PD he provided my faculty assisted them in improving instruction.  It worked!  The next year our school earned an “A” (as defined by the state of Florida) for the first time ever!
...he constantly challenges me in ways no other educator ever has.  Every time I leave one of his sessions I feel inspired and anxious to share what I have learned.  (read more)

DJ Wright​
Director of School Accountability
Leon County School

Invested in Building Strong Relationships and Fostering Strong Leaders

...My work with Mark has been invaluable.  He has taught me how to affect change by being a sounding board and pushing me to grow in my own leadership.  I am forever thankful.  (read more)

Billy Millard
Elementary School Principal
Leon County Schools

Focus on Learning and Leadership

Working with Mark brought us opportunities to focus and reflect not only on what is important, but what is most important—aligning our teaching with how people learn and holding ourselves accountable for this alignment. I personally experienced a paradigm shift away from teaching and toward learning, first as a teacher leader and again as an administrator. (read more)

Elizabeth Darcy
Middle School Assistant Principal
Seminole County Public Schools

Deep Knowledge of Teaching and Learning

...he was contracted to support our lowest performing, highest at-risk elementary school as part of their turnaround plan. The school had been a “D” for three out of the four previous years. With the guidance, training and leadership provided by him, the school was graded a “B” the following year...  (read more)

Anna-Marie Cote, Ed.D.
Deputy Superintendent
Instructional Excellence and Equity
Seminole County Public Schools

Knowledgeable, Engaging and Incredibly Practical

Mark is a master developer:  Knowledgeable, engaging and incredibly practical. His dedication and passion for learning left an indelible mark on my ability to effectively observe educators and help them grow!

Kevin G. Perry, Ph.D.
Assistant to the Superintendent
St. Lucie County Public Schools

Cultivates Leadership Capacity

He has been instrumental in my understanding of what a successful principal should know and be able to do.  He consistently pushed me to become a better leader by ensuring I have a deeper understanding of the framework and content he delivers. 

The professional development he presents is on target, timely and infused with a high level of rigor.  I appreciate what he has done to improve and cultivate my capacity as a leader. (read more)

Glenn H. Rustay
K-8 Principal
Milken National Educator and NBCT
St. Lucie County Public Schools

​​Authentic and Job-embedded Training

...Working with Mark was an enjoyable experience.  He used easy-to-remember techniques, modeled strategies and provided in-depth learning about effective teaching and ways to measure student learning...I credit Mark and the professional development he provided with enhancing my knowledge of quality teaching and increased student learning at my schools.  (read more)

​Debra Snyder
Educational Research School Principal

St. Lucie County Public Schools

Instructional Practice

Working with Mark the past several years has proved to be extremely valuable.  His training sessions are very logical, well thought out and dissect instructional practice in a powerful way. In the spirit of continuous improvement and the ongoing challenge of establishing inter-rater reliability, Mark truly delivers. 

Joe Trybus
High School Principal
Seminole County Public Schools

Tools and Wisdom to Ensure Success

.I have worked with Mark for several years in Seminole County.  During that time he has inspired me to focus on what is most important as a school leader.  He is my "Cliff Notes" to educational research.  His experience and knowledge have guided me to be a great leader. Because of my training with Mark, I have the tools and wisdom to ensure that students are learning in the school that I lead.

Mrs. Sarah Mansur-Blythe
Middle School Principal
Seminole County Public Schools​

Experience in the Profession

.Mark’s professional development sessions have been pivotal in my growth as an instructional leader. His expertise in the area of leadership and instructional practices are second to none. Mark has made a huge impact on me through engaging professional development sessions over the many years I worked with him.  His no-nonsense approach, experience in the profession, and depth of knowledge have truly molded me into the effective leader I am today.

Keaton Schreiner
Elementary Magnet School Principal
Seminole County Public Schools

Impacts Teachers and Instruction

Mark is a leader who can inspire and take us to the next level and then the next level and then the following level.  His expertise is enhanced by his ability to make us think.  Thinking is the operative word with our time spent with Mark. We are always focused on the instruction given because he wants us to get better and we are doing that by thinking at a higher level.

Every time I have had time with Mark I have walked away a better educator with something I am able to share with my peers.

Rik Gray
Social Studies Department Teacher and Chairman
St. Lucie District Teacher Leader
St . Lucie County Public Schools

Improving Student Achievement

.I have been an administrator for 14 years.  Mark’s professional development sessions have had a bigger impact on my professional learning than any other in-service, program, or training that I have attended in my 14 years as an administrator.  Mark's approach not only makes you critically think and reflect, but he also challenges you to be a better administrator who is centered around improving student achievement. 

Over many years, Mark has taught me how to better use data to drive instruction, taught me traits of effective leadership, as well as single-handedly explained to me how to make our county’s teacher evaluation tool be about feedback and effective teaching with the thought of improving student achievement within the walls of a classroom.

Peter Gaffney
Elementary School Principal
Seminole County Public Schools​
Success in a Turnaround School

Success in a Turnaround School

My work with Mark aimed to elevate my knowledge about best practice in education and educational leadership, thus honing my skills as a school-based administrator in a turnaround school. The leadership development series ultimately helped me form and implement a clear vision and expectations for success.  

What I appreciated most about working with Mark was that he consistently challenged me as a leader and a learner to ‘stay hungry’. Those lessons in leadership remain the roadmap for my success.

Pamela Gamble
Elementary School Principal
Seminole County Public Schools

Establishment of Informed, Thoughtful Leaders

Our partnership with Mark has influenced many school leaders at all levels to focus on improving instruction so that ALL students have the opportunity to learn. 

Most importantly, Mark has taught us to discern what is most important, to pay attention to the details so that we accomplish our goals, to make focused and thoughtful decisions and to remain diligent in the pursuit of our goals and mission.  The result of his efforts is the establishment of a cadre of informed, thoughtful, Level 5 leaders for Seminole County Public Schools.

Robin G. Dehlinger, Ed. D.
Executive Director, Elementary Schools
Seminole County Public Schools

Passion for School Improvement

Mark exudes an overwhelming passion for school improvement through improving the quality of instruction observed in our classrooms. The professional development he provided certainly deepened my ability to observe instruction and provide actionable feedback and coaching for classroom teachers.

It is this constructive feedback and coaching that is the key to increasing the quality of instruction, ultimately leading to increases in student achievement.  

John J. Lynch
Executive Director of School Transformation
St. Lucie County Public Schools

Deep Understanding of Brain Science

I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from Mark for over a decade.  From the onset, I was impressed and inspired by his depth of the learning process, and his understanding of root cause analysis.  Mark understands brain science, and he has an amazing capacity to make difficult concepts understandable. 

My teachers and administrative staff appreciated his workshops and were eager to apply their new knowledge.  My time with Mark was as valuable as several graduate level courses in Teaching and Learning.

Connie E. Collins, Ed. D.
High School Principal
Seminole County Public Scho

Research-Proven Methods

...In a time that allows for schools to easily lose focus, Mark provides a strong, grounded emphasis on research-proven methods needed to improve student achievement.  Mark has the ability to chunk sophisticated and overwhelming amounts of information into a clear, concise professional development.  I have a better understanding of instructional strategies because of him. (read more)

Breezi Erickson
Elementary Assistant Principal
Seminole Public Schools

Long-lasting Impact

...Each session with him over the years has been thought-provoking, engaging, candid, and inspiring. His impact on me has been long-lasting and has shaped me to aspire for greatness knowing that what I do, the decisions I make, and how I lead directly impacts each child and shapes our future.  (read more)

Martina Herndon
Elementary Principal
Seminole County Public Schools

Passion for Effective Instruction

...What sets him apart from others is his instructional expertise, his passion for the implementation of effective instruction, and his authentic connectivity to all levels of educators.

Leon McCants
Former Middle School Principal
Seminole County Public Schools

High-quality Professional Development and Personal Support to School Leaders

...As administrators, we have learned to think and act more strategically when making choices based on an assessment of which choice will produce the desired outcomes. From his analysis of research and years of experience consulting with schools, he shows school leaders and teacher leaders how to implement practical strategies to improve student performance.(read more)

Marian Cummings, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Elementary Education
Seminole County Public Sch

​​​​​​​Leadership to Support Teachers to Increase Student Achievement

I have worked with Mark...and Florida Title I directors as the Deputy Chancellor for School Improvement.  The impact of his work with school districts was evidenced by changes in instructional practices.  School administrators were empowered with tools and strategies to support their teachers as they focused on the varied needs of students.  

Teachers gained specific strategies to improve their instructional practices.
...As a result, my school achieved the highest learning gains of all schools in our county. (read more)

Iris C. Wilson, PhD
Former Elementary School Principal
Leon County Schools
Former Deputy Chancellor for School Improvement, Florida Department of Educa

Impact on Growth, Professionalism, and Achievement Across the Entire District

..I have seen him positively impact the growth, professionalism, and achievement across an entire district from teachers to administrators. Mark has the ability to genuinely connect with any audience, allowing every participant to leave with powerful connections to their own work. He has a singular way of guiding people to arrive at new ideas and deeper understanding of all things teaching and learning.

Teacher Leader groups who have learned from Mark all report that they feel professionally empowered and they jump at the chance to work with him again. He is a masterful educator, a confident leader, and a significant innovator in the science of how people learn. In all of my profession and academic experiences, my practice with Mark Rolewski has been the most impactful and important to my work.

Allison R. Barajas, M.Ed.
Office of Teaching & Learning​

St. Lucie County Public Schools

​Leading Others to Reach Potential

Working with Mark has made a strong impact on the growth and development of my career as an Instructional Leader.  His expertise and passion for the science behind learning is contagious and has provided purpose and meaning for the instructional model that our district utilizes. 

Mark’s ability to not only share his extensive knowledge, but also model effective practices, has provided me with tools that I can immediately and successfully share with others on my campus. While his instructional expertise has been influential, he also has provided invaluable advice in the area of working with and leading others to reach their potential.  

Mike Rice
High School Principal
Seminole County Public Schools

Customized Sessions

...Every session was customized to meet the needs of the leadership issues facing principals today. The combination of presentations, classroom observations, and feedback sessions provided me with the tools necessary to influence my teachers in their craft, to improve instruction, and increase student achievement. ​

Lori Anne Reid
Elementary School Principal
St. Lucie County Public Schools

Effectively Addressing Key Issues

The key to instructional leadership is creating capacity not only in those who teach but also in those who guide those who teach...Mark has “taught us how to fish” as we are now ready to move forward utilizing our new internal expertise.​ (read more)

Dr. Michael R. Blasewitz
Executive Director of Secondary Schools
Seminole County Public Schoo

Relevant, Engaging, Thought-provoking

I have participated in Mark's professional development sessions as a classroom teacher and as a building administrator. Mark's trainings are relevant, engaging, and thought-provoking.  The knowledge and expertise he has shared have helped me improve and reach my goals as both an educator and instructional leader.

Kelly Mitchell
Elementary School Principal

Seminole County Public Schools

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